ELECTRIC FACTORY X is a multi-dimensional, Boston-based production company dedicated to the discovery, development and direction of new talent for modern 21st century Pop/ R&B music. 

Founded in 2005 by producer and company president Jon Butcher in San Fernando CA, ELECTRIC FACTORY X is now branching into new areas and recently partnered with business entrepreneur Leighton Wolffe, from Boston MA, as CEO. EFX has recording studio availability in both Boston and the North Shore with a production staff second to none. EFX can provide targeted and ‘artist-centric’ Management direction for young artists in rapid development. EFX also offers a Special Events division, specifically tailored to the corporate entertainment marketplace. Contact us to discuss your event needs. 



Jon Butcher

As founder of "The Jon Butcher Axis," Grammy nominee Jon Butcher has earned his place in music history books and beyond. A discography of 19 national and international releases, MTV and VH1 music videos are the underpinnings of a supercharged music career that continues today. Jon’s latest CD release for 2017, ‘2ROADS EAST”, delivers 10 new and original songs recorded with special guest stars, this on the heels of Jon’s critically acclaimed CDs “AXIS 3” and the Jimi Hendrix fueled, “EXPERIENCED!”  Not as well storied, Jon’s acoustic work [acoustic guitar, dobro, banjo] which has found it’s way into feature film, cable tv, into his live concert schedule and is a major component into understanding his music. Including appearances with the EXPERIENCE HENDRIX TOUR and at FENWAY PARK for the BOSTON RED SOX, Jon’s output is more diverse than ever. 

ELECTRIC FACTORY X continues to provide film score, soundtrack and music licensing for television and film including SHAMELESS (Showtime Network) The Simpsons (FOX), Six Feet Under (HBO), The Sopranos (HBO), Deadwood (HBO), United States of Tara (Showtime), Ugly Betty (ABC), My Name Is Earl (NBC), The Life and Times of Buffalo Bill (A+E) and many more.  www.electricfactoryX.com  wwwjonbutcher.com

I’ve always believed that creative people have to be willing to see themselves in new ways. Challenges are merely chances to become more today than you were the day before.
— Jon Butcher



With a successful career as a business entrepreneur and owner of technology companies, Leighton is applying his experience and resources to develop EFX into a specialized 21st century entertainment enterprise.

As a guitarist and promoter, he has produced corporate event entertainment for the past 15 years throughout the US, while performing with his long term music projects Band of Wolves and the Vinyl Saviors.  

Creating music has always been my passion, and helping people realize their dreams my ambition, and now, both can be attained for our artists at EFX through production, promotion and performance. For me, this is living the dream.
— Leighton Wolffe
Leighton Wolffe

Rick REad

World traveler, technologist, pilot, adventurer, visual artist, business and family man, Rick has made a practice of creating connections and eclectic, electric "oh, wow!" moments throughout his life. 

As a young teenager, Rick left school and lived with his family for a year on a remote island chain in the equatorial Pacific. While there he wrote a manuscript about his experiences and was featured in a PBS movie about the adventure. A constant ever since has been the discovery and creation of new experiences and the telling of them in stories.

Rick has owned and run successful technology companies in Silicon Valley and Vermont for 30 years.  Yearning to use more of his creativity in his work, he parlayed his lifelong love of photography and videography into another business in 2012 capturing portraits, real estate and young talent in action. 

We are exceedingly fortunate to live in this country at this most opportune time in human history. What we want to be and do is limited mostly by our imaginations. I love creating fresh experiences and capturing them on media to share with others.
— Rick Read