ELECTRIC FACTORY X is a multi-dimensional, Boston-based production company dedicated to the discovery, development and direction of new talent for modern 21st century Pop/ R&B music. 

Founded in 2005 by producer and company president Jon Butcher in San Fernando CA, ELECTRIC FACTORY X is now branching into new areas and recently partnered with business entrepreneur Leighton Wolffe, from Boston MA, as CEO. EFX has recording studio availability in both Boston and the North Shore with a production staff second to none. EFX can provide targeted and ‘artist-centric’ Management direction for young artists in rapid development. EFX also offers a Special Events division, specifically tailored to the corporate entertainment marketplace. Contact us to discuss your event needs. 



Jon Butcher

As founder of "The Jon Butcher Axis," Grammy nominee Jon Butcher has earned his place in music history books and beyond. Now and in partnership with Leighton Wolffe, Electric Factory X has become Jon’s focus for 2019.

Through EFX we can provide sharp and focused artist direction and production guidance. For kids who’s dreams are to become rock stars or for seasoned players looking to expand their reach, make the record of their dreams. In additon to studio production we proivde a framework and strategy to get where you want to be.

I’ve always believed that creative people have to be willing to see themselves in new ways. Challenges are merely chances to become more today than you were the day before.
— Jon Butcher



A successful business entrepreneur and technologist for over 30 years, Leighton co-founded EFX with Jon Butcher to create a specialized entertainment business to serve as a foundation for young artists to reach the world with their music and talents. Recognizing that the formula approach of many producers to record music does not allow full creative and honest expression, Leighton wanted to provide an alternative for artists to find their voice and to develop their careers.

Leighton was educated in England and experienced the British waves of music in the 70’s and 80’s before they reached the US. This music was unbridled, powerful, and made a deep impression. He saw these performances as testimony for players to create and perform music with integrity and open abandon. As a guitarist, while still at university, he formed the Band of Wolves featuring 60’s British rock icon Graham Neill. Still going strong after 30 years, the band continues to tour and bring authentic British Blues to new audiences. 

As a promoter, he has produced corporate events and provided entertainment for festivals and special events for the past 15 throughout the US. As EFX CEO, he has guided Electric Factory X to quickly become the vehicle for producing music that matters.

Creating music has always been my passion, and helping people realize their dreams my ambition, and now, both can be attained for our artists at EFX through production, promotion and performance. For me, this is living the dream.
— Leighton Wolffe
Leighton Wolffe

BijanBowen2 2.jpg

As 23 year old CIO of Electric Factory X, Bijan Bowen brings his passion for music and technology together to create innovative solutions geared toward the 21st century music business reality.

In high school Bijan developed his first iPhone app which was selected for notice by Men’s Health Magazine. His technical development continued throughout college which led to an interest in Bitcoin in 2013.

As founder of the company Flutzoo which specializes in Blockchain/Cryptocurrency consulting, Bijan has since developed dozens of apps and web-related service content. His hobbies include restoring old cars, working on vintage computers and of course making music.

“I love working with artists to help them find where they want to be, and then helping them get there. It begins with a hands-on understanding of what new tech has to offer artists today. The journey’s fun when the destination is meaningful and changes peoples lives for the better.”

A self-taught musician at heart with an understanding of the modern music business landscape, Bijan knows how to get things done.