Megan Wolf 

Megan Wolf is the next big voice of modern pop! Drawing on early influences like Stevie Nicks and Gloria Estefan, Megan marries her melodic songwriting with thoughtful lyrics to captivate her listeners and evoke feelings of empowerment and positivity. Her performance career began at the ripe young age of 5, participating in local theatre groups and musicals, in her hometown of Gloucester, MA, but Megan always knew she would be on bigger stages, leading her own productions as lead singer and musician. For as long as she can remember she has had one single vision in mind, one dream to follow: command the stage, engage the audience, and transform through music.

Her debut album, "That Girl", produced by Electric Factory X, is a testament to that vision. Each song is a personal diary entry and an intimate admission into the world of Megan. Honest, raw, and at times provocative, "That Girl" is a compilation of songs crafted alongside fellow collaborator and producer, Jon Butcher. Megan describes the writing and recording process as "liberating and confessional, a place to both celebrate one's triumphs as well as redeem one's faults. A way to settle the karmic score." Megan hopes to inspire her audiences to meet their own challenges with courage and truth. She is a highly sought after studio vocalist known for her unique tone and improvisational capability.

Megan's passion in the studio is equally met on-stage during her captivating live performances. She is completely in the moment; present with every note, moved by every beat, and touched by every chord. On stage, Megan is deeply engaged in a dance with the music and channels the emotion of a song through physical expression and her soul driven vocals. "The young woman leaves everything on stage...feels every note...the girl simply rocks!", Michael Sparks Keegan, world renowned photographer. Her powerful stage presence has led Megan to many note-worthy opportunities playing alongside "Boston" guitarist Barry Goudreau and most recently earned her a spot as backing vocalist joining Joe Cocker original band members Cliff Goodwin, Deric Dyer, and Mitch Chakour, in their legacy project, "Cocker Rocks". Members of Cocker Rocks have quickly grown to become family to Megan and she is thrilled to join them on the road for their upcoming European Tour February-March 2018.

Megan is currently booking studio sessions and performances for Fall 2017 through Summer 2018. Please direct all booking inquires to her management team at jon@electricfactoryx.com.

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Josh Richard may be a new face in the indie world but he has spent half his life crafting intuitive, out-there pop music. As a self-taught musician with a laundry list of instruments to his name, he has made a career out of excavating diverse genres and innovating the 3 minute single like a mad scientist in a laboratory. Lyrically, Richard operates on a level deeply rooted in human emotion and his wordplay exhibits a desire to create context on his own terms. The 60s British psychedelia and searing fuzz-rock influences found on Richard’s new album “Cities & States” recently attracted Grammy-nominated artist Jon Butcher and multimedia company Electric Factory X with whom the album will be released in September 2017.

“Cities & States” is a massive work of art displaying the breadth of Richard's palette, matched only by the imagination and prowess of Andy Bickerton’s drumming. Meticulously engineered and heavy in all the right places, the songs serve as a catharsis for his past troubles like a turbulent sea producing a smooth stone. Borrowing from pop, jazz, rock, folk, soul, Motown, and hip-hop, the music reveals a palpable necessity for expression, and an even greater need for exploring the far corners of an endless musical landscape.


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Jon Butcher

As founder of "The Jon Butcher Axis," Grammy nominee Jon Butcher has earned his place in music history books and beyond. A discography of 19 national and international releases, MTV and VH1 music videos are the underpinnings of a supercharged music career that continues today. Jon’s latest album release for 2017, 2 ROADS EAST delivers 10 new and original songs recorded with special guest stars, this on the heels of Jon’s critically acclaimed CDs “AXIS 3” and the Jimi Hendrix fueled, EXPERIENCED! Jon’s acoustic work [acoustic guitar, dobro, banjo] which has found it’s way into feature film, cable tv, into his live concert schedule and is a major component into understanding his music. Including appearances with the EXPERIENCE HENDRIX TOUR and at FENWAY PARK for the BOSTON RED SOX, Jon’s output is more diverse than ever.

As his first release of new music in over two years, 2 ROADS EAST spans stylistic ground both familiar and unexpected to the million or so fans worldwide following his formative JON BUTCHER AXIS and solo recording years.

2 ROADS EAST was produced in multiple studios, across multiple time zones over a period of 18mos. 2RE is a technological (though not technical) leap forward for fans of Jon's music, achieving what is arguably his finest sounding recording work yet. “I was aided and abetted during the recording by some of the finest players in the world, from all corners of the globe. They donated their time but most of all their incredible talent to help me create the musical color palette of 2RE.” JON BUTCHER featuring 2 ROADS EAST is; JON BUTCHER( guitar), JEFF KEITHLINE (bass), JOHN ANTHONY (drums), MITCH CHAKOUR (piano, guitar)

JON’s media company ELECTRIC FACTORY X continues to provide film score, soundtrack and music licensing for television and film including SHAMELESS (Showtime Network) The Simpsons (FOX), Six Feet Under (HBO), The Sopranos (HBO), Deadwood (HBO), United States of Tara (Showtime), Ugly Betty (ABC), My Name Is Earl (NBC), The Life and Times of Buffalo Bill (A+E) and many more.

2 ROADS EAST- the new album by JON BUTCHER on EFX www.electricfactoryX.com www.jonbutcher.com




Like fellow Englishman and guitarist Peter Green, Graham Neill’s imprint on the London music scene of the late 1960’s is as storied as it is (appropriately) enigmatic. Born Graham Michael Neil in London 1951, he and a ’64 Gibson ES 335 found themselves opening for the ROLLING STONES in Hyde Park 1969 before coming to the US.

Since, Graham has made his way around an atypical circuit for a blues man- Singapore, S of France and the Cook Islands. Graham is now joined by fellow Wolves Steve Carter [drums], Jeff Keithline [bass] and BOW co-conspirator Leighton Wolffe [guitar]. The debut Cd, GRAHAM NEILL/ BAND OF WOLVES is quintessential English blues guitar at it’s most authentic. Punctuated by Graham’s unmistakable graveled voice, under the ethereal tutelage of Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, Howlin’ Wolf and Albert King. Ladies and Gentlemen, the new Cd by UK Blues guitarist GRAHAM NEILL, recorded in Technicolor and VistaVision. GRAHAM NEILL/ BAND OF WOLVES the new Cd, coming to America soon.




18yr old rapper wil-B from Brixton UK, uncovered in 2014, signed to EFX in 2015, discovered in a private back alley London battle rap, mixing beats and hard edge rock guitar, Jimi meets Lil Wayne. Extremely shy but an outspoken MC, no apologies, blurring lines, and oh that electric guitar... wil-B/ HEATSEEKER... coming to ears near you. www.wiL-B.org