Megan Wolf 

Megan Wolf, Boston’s new super girl, starring in THIS GIRL.  Born Megan McKenzie Downey in Sept 1988, from the eternally movie-famous New England fishing village of Gloucester, Massachusetts. Traveling to THIS GIRL, making a slight detour to and through Brooklyn NY. For a few graduate classes in street beats, city roll and breath control. Riffing shades of Erykah Badu, swinging power of Annie Lennox, the unbearable badness of sister Chaka. Megan Wolf is THIS GIRL, the debut Cd and MicroMovie dropping OCT 2016. THIS GIRL, produced by Jon Butcher for EFX 2016. THIS GIRL coming soon to your turntable. Poetry, Rhythm, Grace. Megan Wolf is killing it.




Artist, composer, arranger, poet, drummer, guitarist, visionary. And Renaissance man. For twenty-something Massachusetts born JOSH RICHARD, there are no barriers, there is no ceiling, there are only waypoints, pointing in musical directions that defy logic but which come together perfectly in his first Int’l cd release, CITIES & STATES.

 “As an artist I find it hard to define myself because I'm constantly evolving, following my muse. My style generally comes from an amalgamation of genres and unlikely threads..”

Josh continues, “I became a drummer in high school out of necessity and as a result started to understand the infrastructure of music. Building a song one brick at a time always spoke to the minimalist in me, and I became obsessed with wearing the personalities of different instruments. I see my work as a kind of collaboration with my own instincts and imagination. Thankfully my colleagues understand me and help maintain focus. “

Josh Richard’s influences are as varied and eclectic as CITIES & STATES: Mark Mothersbaugh, Bob Dylan, Julian Casablancas and David Bowie (though not in obvious ways). "Bowie was an anomaly. He remained authentically himself throughout his career yet didn’t feel the need to keep a fixed identity. He left room to explore, change. Bowie was a shape shifter.”

Shape shifting indeed. On a landscape of shapes, shadows and Shamans, change is the one constant. CITIES & STATES will change you, it’ll re-arrange you. And Josh Richard just might be one of the most influential and important artists to emerge in decades.

Writer, composer, arranger, poet, drummer, guitarist, visionary. Watch for Josh Richard, brought to you exclusively by EFX. The new Cd, CITIES & STATES is in production now (with Jon Butcher and Warren Babson) and is coming soon to ear-bones near you.



Jon Butcher

As his first release of new music in over two years, Jon’s Cd 2ROADS EAST spans stylistic ground both familiar and unexpected to the million or so fans worldwide following his formative JON BUTCHER AXIS and solo recording years. 

2ROADS EAST was produced in multiple studios, across multiple time zones over a period of 18mos. 2RE is a technological (though not technical) leap forward for fans of  Jon's music, achieving what is arguably his finest sounding recording work yet. Says Jon, “I was aided and abetted during the recording by some of the finest players in the world, from all corners of the globe. They donated their time but most of all their incredible talent to help me create the musical color palette of 2RE. What can I say, I’m humbled and eternally grateful to have such musically gifted friends and classmates!” 

The 10-new songs of 2ROADS EAST are stylistically diverse by design. Some songs pre-destined for film underscore by their cinematic origins (TRANSCENDENCE, WITHOUT YOU), others (BRONTOSAURUS, DUST) ferocious reminders of the power and majesty that electric guitar can still in the right hands.  Much of 2RE will feel familiar (and reassuring) to Butcher’s long-time fans, particularly the opening track TRANSCENDENCE. It has traceable roots to Jon's debut record The JON BUTCHER AXIS  and subsequent video, LIFE TAKES A LIFE (the video was one of two to break the color line at MTV). 

Lyrically 2RE is politically un-restrained if not fearless- living in the 21st century is a bitch, for everybody. 2RE is a look into the mind and soul of Jon Butcher as no other record of his career, and the diverse instrumentation (Jon plays banjo in MADNESS) lends an earthy authenticity that is on point.

“With the music business completely transformed it’s no wonder that forward thinkers are expanding how they see/present themselves, and how they bring their art to market. For me, 2ROADS EAST is an almost literal translation of how I see the world, or at the least, how I see my world.” 

2ROADS EAST-  the new Cd by JON BUTCHER on EFX   www.jonbutcher.com



Like fellow Englishman and guitarist Peter Green, Graham Neill’s imprint on the London music scene of the late 1960’s is as storied as it is (appropriately) enigmatic. Born Graham Michael Neil in London 1951, he and a ’64 Gibson ES 335 found themselves opening for the ROLLING STONES in Hyde Park 1969 before coming to the US.

Since, Graham has made his way around an atypical circuit for a blues man- Singapore, S of France and the Cook Islands. Graham is now joined by fellow Wolves Steve Carter [drums], Jeff Keithline [bass] and BOW co-conspirator Leighton Wolffe [guitar]. The debut Cd, GRAHAM NEILL/ BAND OF WOLVES is quintessential English blues guitar at it’s most authentic. Punctuated by Graham’s unmistakable graveled voice, under the ethereal tutelage of Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy, Howlin’ Wolf and Albert King. Ladies and Gentlemen, the new Cd by UK Blues guitarist GRAHAM NEILL, recorded in Technicolor and VistaVision. GRAHAM NEILL/ BAND OF WOLVES the new Cd, coming to America soon.




18yr old rapper wil-B from Brixton UK, uncovered in 2014, signed to EFX in 2015, discovered in a private back alley London battle rap, mixing beats and hard edge rock guitar, Jimi meets Lil Wayne. Extremely shy but an outspoken MC, no apologies, blurring lines, and oh that electric guitar... wil-B/ HEATSEEKER... coming to ears near you. www.wiL-B.org